The Peterborough Examiner
March 2007

A blend of North Indian and Persian artistry is what embodies Kathak dancing.

It is a dance that derives its roots from the Kathakas, which were a caste of storytellers who preformed in the temples and courtyards of North India.

Since then it has adapted into a series of beautiful dances that tell a story, all the while encapsulating difficult dance techniques, says Anjali Patil, the artistic director for Aroha Fine Arts Dance company in Ottawa.

Ms Patil has choreographed a Kathak dancing performance entitled, “Dancing in the Moghul Courts.”

It will be featured at the PCVS auditorium on McDonnel Street on March 17 at 7 p.m.

This 90-minute performance consists of five separate pieces, all taking place in a 17th Century Shah (king’s) palace.

Five Kathak dancers from India will tell this story, dressed in hand-made costumes, enticing the audience to become wrapped up in the scene, explains Ms Patil.

“It is a unique experience as it takes people back in time. It’s a breath taking experience to be there from the beginning to the end. It’s a fascinating dance,” she says.

This is a unique experience for Canadians, adds Ms Patil, because the dancers are talented, qualified and it gives the audience a flavour of the Moghul era.”It brings dance to life. These girls are really good at their craft.”

Ms Patil is an acclaimed choreographer, dancer and Kathak teacher. She runs the Aroha Fine Arts Dance Company, which is dedicated to excellence in Indian dance through training, education, creation, and presentation. Through her choreography this type of dance can come to life.

Tickets cost $12 each, $7 for students, seniors and underemployed and $20 for couples. They can be bought in advance at the Asian Grocery Store, The Peterborough Arts Umbrella, Curry Village and Taste of India. For more information call 745-1788.